Sleep Support

As a sleep therapist I offer support and guidance, to enable the whole family to get a better nights sleep. I am able to provide tips and advice using the most up to date information with regards to better sleep.

All infants and children are unique, and they will all have their own ways in which they choose to settle off to sleep. Even if those methods don’t suit the family, there are ways that can change the associations the little one has to get themselves off to sleep.

The importance of sleep (For baby) – Sleep is when our bodies repair and replenish. For a baby, a good nights sleep is very important for growth and brain development, general development and a healthy immune system. Therefore, dependent upon the amount of sleep a baby or child gets will affect their mood, ability to concentrate and participate in their environment. A baby’s quality of sleep is just as important as the nourishment they get.

(For you) – Adults sleep is just as important as a baby’s or child’s. It can help reduce stress, reduce risk of depression, feel more active, helps the body replenish, improve your mood and it also helps boost your memory.

Is this you?

  • Are you struggling to get your little one to settle at night?
  • Is your little one struggling with daytime naps?
  • Is your little one waking in the night?
  • Is your toddler/child coming into your room in the night?
  • Do you find you are more tired than usual?
  • You are unable to function properly?

If you have found you have answered yes to most of the above questions, then please get in touch. For your free 15 minute phone call, please call between 7pm – 8pm (Monday to Friday), for further information.

Ideally, it is best practice to come and visit you, to have a face to face consultation, and have a look at the infant/child’s sleeping environment. However, I understand that this isn’t always possible, this is why I offer different packages.

Contact Clare on – 07421320146

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