About Me

As a mum of two gorgeous children, I have been through the mill in what felt like a quest just to get a peaceful night’s sleep. With the added dairy intolerance problem (my eldest) and a child who wouldn’t settle unless they were being rocked (my youngest) into the mix, alongside strong-will and determination, to start on a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Every household is made up of happiness, laughter and joy. Though when you have infants and children that struggle to sleep, you then have a house made up of tears and heartache as you battle with sleepless nights. You will then probably find yourself reaching for those parenting books, researching online and reaching out to friends and family for advice. But with a sleep deprived mind filled with lots of different ideas, you will then find yourself struggling with no real idea on how to react.

This is how I felt after my eldest was born and I found myself reaching out for support, which came in the form of a health visitor with a cassette, which enabled my husband and I to get a few more hours sleep, after my eldest finally settled. This was the turning point in our lives, which was short lived as I then found out I was pregnant and then I had our second child who wouldn’t go to sleep without being rocked. As well as two children who didn’t sleep through until they were both in full time school.

This is when I decided to look in to sleep training. I have trained with Babyem for the last 12 months, to become a qualified sleep therapist, and I have also trained with Gateway to become a fully qualified baby massage instructor and am fully insured. I am also a qualified nursery nurse with over 20 years experience working with babies and children in various settings. My current role is an Assistant Practitioner working with children with complex health needs in the community for the NHS. I have been in this role for over 15 years and I have also been a childminder. In all my roles, I have provided support and guidance to families at times of need and there to answer any questions that they may have.

Therefore, I strongly believe that every family and child is unique. I will work closely with you and your baby to ensure that we achieve your goal together. I am hugely passionate about helping exhausted parents through their first few months to help their baby achieve a healthy sleep pattern. As I understand the guilt, the struggles, the fear and all of the other emotions that play a part. But most importantly I understand the impact of making positive changes, not just for baby, but for you.

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