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Here at Bababear we offer a personalised support service to help parents-in-need. From sleep support to story massage, we have it covered. We offer an easy to follow plan, and will work with your parenting style to develop the tools you need, to help your little one. We endeavour to ensure that both care giver and infant gets the most from the sessions, therefore the massage sessions are run in the comfort of your home or mine. This can be one to one or in a small group. Baby massage is suitable from birth through to crawling and Sleep Support is available for expectant parents and infants through to 8 year old's. The area we cover for home visits is a 25 mile radius of Penyffordd, Flintshire. An additional charge will apply if you live further. Interested? Read on to find out more.



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A Little History of Baby Massage

Baby Massage

Due to the modern society and technology culture that we have adapted to in the West, we seem to have less time to spend quality time with our children due our busy lives. By incorporating baby massage into our routine, it allows us to spend that quality time with our baby which then benefits both baby and parent, emotionally and physically.

In countries such as Africa, skills are passed down from generation to generation where baby massage has been an integral part of the day. Babies are often carried by their mothers in slings while they work, for most of the day, or they are looked after by a family member. Due to babies being part of large families who may all share a room when sleeping, the baby is generally in close contact with a family member. This then results in babies who cry less and whom sleep patterns are more relaxed and calm.

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Baby Massage Isn't New!

Baby massage dates back as far as 30000BCE and may be one of the oldest forms of medical care, and mainly used in the Eastern countries. It only became recognised as a beneficial treatment in the West in the early 1800's. Although, interest in infant baby massage wasn't seen to be of importance in the West until the mid - 1970's. However, baby massage is now seen as part of the utmost importance to the parent-infant attachment bond and has been part of traditional societies in countries such as Africa and India for years.

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